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Dark chocolate mirror icing

07 September 2022

Friends of Erre4M welcome back to our blog! We continue our theme of icing where today we will be covering dark chocolate mirror icing. But let's look at the recipe in more detail:



-40g water

-80g of caster sugar

-80g of glucose syrup

-135g fresh cream

-200g dark chocolate

-4g of gelatine sheets

We start by softening the gelatine in cold water, then squeeze it out and set it aside. In a first pot, we boil the water with the sugars to 103 degrees, while in a second pot we boil the cream. Once boiled, we combine the two products by straining them through a strainer into a one-litre jug, where we put the dark chocolate. We blend everything with an immersion blender, avoiding air bubbles, and after a few seconds we also add the gelatine sheets. Once we have obtained a glossy icing, we put it in a container and cover it with cling film and leave it to rest in a cool place for 12 hours.


Before using the icing, heat it up to 37 degrees and then enjoy!