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Direct dough for pizza

08 September 2022

To make enough dough for 4/5 pizzas, we need to use the following ingredients:


-500 g strong 300W flour

-0.5/0.6% fresh brewer's yeast

-60/65% water depending on the weight of the flour

-3% extra-virgin olive oil

-2.5% salt

We pour the 500 g of flour into the mixer, crumble the yeast into the flour and knead to oxygenate the flour and mix the yeast. We pour 80 per cent of the total water into the bowl, slowly so that the dough absorbs the water well. When there is no more flour at the bottom of the bowl, we start to pour the salt into the dough. Once this is done, we increase the speed, pour in the remaining water, always at a trickle, and 2/3 minutes from the end, we add the oil. When the dough is smooth and homogeneous, it is ready for processing, and it must be at a controlled temperature of 22°/24°.

Great, we have completed our direct dough for our pizza and now you are free to indulge in the combinations you like best!


We'll be back in the next blog with more recipes to discover!

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