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Fruit, chocolate and hazelnut bavarois

the trilogy

09 September 2022

Welcome back friends of Erre4M! In today's article we are going to explore the world of Bavarian cream and we have decided to do so by offering you 3 versions of them. Bavarian cream is a spoon dessert suitable for hot and cold weather, soft, tasty and above all easy to prepare.


A small foretaste: you will find recipes that have been covered before on our blog, but you only have to go and reread them.


After this brief introduction, we begin our trilogy!

Let's start with the fruit Bavarian cream:


-70g custard (find the recipe on our blog)

-100g strawberry puree with 10% sugar added

-4g of gelatine sheets

-125g semi-whipped cream

-10g caster sugar


We start by whipping the cream and slowly add the caster sugar until the mixture is semi-whipped and glossy, then we put the cream to rest in the fridge.

Meanwhile, rehydrate the gelatine sheets in cold water and set aside.


We mix the custard with the strawberry puree, heat the gelatine up to 45C°/50C°, slowly add it to the custard and finally lighten everything by slowly combining the mixture with the semi-whipped cream.

We pour everything into a mould and immediately place in the freezer until the Bavarian cream becomes solid.

For the chocolate one, the procedure remains the same but with some minor changes:


-100g custard

-1g of gelatine sheets

-65 g 70% dark chocolate

-135g of semi-whipped cream


We start by mixing the rehydrated gelatine into the boiling custard, add the chocolate and stir until it melts completely. We let the mixture cool down to 35C°/40C° and then combine it with the cream. We mix everything gently and then pour it all into the moulds and freeze immediately.

Finally, for the hazelnut Bavarian cream:


-125g custard

-35g hazelnut paste

-3g of gelatine sheets

-125g of semi-whipped cream

-25g caster sugar


In this version, the only difference is the quantity and the hazelnut paste instead of strawberry puree, so we don't have to worry about the procedure because it remains identical.


Well friends, choose the one that most stimulates your palate and embark on the production of your Bavarian cream.

Here ends the trilogy, talk to you at the next one!