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04 April 2022

Friends of Erre4M welcome back! Today we are going to talk about a sweet treat, very colorful, appreciated by both adults and children. I'm talking about the macaron!

55 g of strawberry puree
165 g of white almond flour
165 g of icing sugar
150 g of caster sugar
37 g of water
55 g of egg white at room temperature


Mix the strawberry puree with the powdered sugar and white almond flour. Cover the mixture and set aside.
Next, prepare an Italian meringue. We start whipping the egg whites, and in the meantime we cook the caster sugar with water at 120°C.
We pour the cooked sugar into the egg whites and continue whipping until it cools.
At this point, we mix the Italian meringue into the strawberry mixture in three batches. Coloring everything slightly red at the end.

Dress into silicone molds the mixture and let dry a couple of hours at room temperature.

Bake the macarons at 140° C for 10/15 minutes.

To conclude this recipe we refer you to the article inherent in the namelaka, but you can choose to color and stuff them as you like.

Having completed everything our treat will be ready.
So all that remains is for me to wish you a good macaron to all!