Perforated rings for short pastry

a new inspiration for your desserts

09 September 2022

Friends of Erre4M welcome back to our blog! Today we will continue talking about kitchen tools and more specifically about perforated rings for short pastry.

These tools are becoming increasingly popular in the world of pastry making. They are made of micro-perforated stainless steel, vary in shape and are designed to produce perfect crumbly pastries.

Their diameters vary from 6-7cm and the height varies from 2-5cm.

Once you have prepared your shortcrust pastry, all you have to do is cut it to the size of the mould, butter the edges of the mould and bake it in a thermo-ventilated oven at 165 C°. Thanks to the holes in the mould, baking is more homogeneous, prevents the edges of the cake from collapsing and also helps the water evaporate so that the hot air from the oven hits the whole product.

Great friends, that's it for today from our blog. Now you too can start using these tools in your kitchen!

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