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Saint Honoré cake
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Saint Honoré cake

an explosion of flavours

09 September 2022

Welcome back to our blog, friends of Erre4M! In this blog we are going to talk about the most famous French cake in the world: the Saint Honoré.

Today, however, we want to make a little twist to this famous recipe, namely the addition of Dacquoise.

We should make a small preamble, in this article we will refer to some recipes that we have already covered in other episodes of our blog. If you feel lost, no problem, just go and reread past blogs and you will be absolutely on the ball.

(Recipes used in this blog: puff pastry, Chibouste cream, Dacquoise and cream puffs)

After this brief introduction, we can start with the production of our Saint Honoré!


To begin, we need to laminate the rested and cold puff pastry to 2 mm, punch a hole in half of it and mould it into circles with the help of a special mould.

Lay the circles on a micro-perforated silicone sheet and polish with beaten egg and milk with a small brush. With another mould, we make rings of unperforated dough to lay on top of the perforated ones and polish again.

Leave to rest for an hour and then bake for 20 minutes at 190C° in a ventilated oven.

Once the cooking is finished and the puff pastry has cooled, fill the centre of the circle with Chibouste cream and then lay a circle of almond Dacquoise on top of the cream and cover with a second layer of Chibouste cream.

In the meantime, we fill and decorate our cream puffs that will serve as the final garnish.

We whip some cream which we will then put into a pastry bag with a Saint Honoré nozzle and start decorating our cake. Finally, garnish with a cream puff in the centre.


And there you have the mouth-watering Saint Honoré cake, a real treat for the palate and for your sweet tooth!


See you soon with more recipes on Erre4M!