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Solid rings for cakes

shape your fantasy

08 September 2022

Welcome back friends of Erre4M! In this blog we are going to vary the topic a little because we are going to talk about cake moulds. But how are these moulds made?

These stainless steel bands can take various shapes: from squares to rectangles, from ellipses to circles and even freer forms such as hearts or pines. They are all handcrafted for professional use because with these moulds, we can make layer or filled cakes, sponge cakes and parfaits with precision.

The bands are welded in 3 places, the stainless steel guarantees maximum strength, the thickness is 10 tenths, they are reusable many times and dishwasher safe.

Perfect friends from our blog that's it, all that's left for you to do is make delicious cakes in the shapes you like!

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