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Stuffed Easter eggs

Easter eggs are a great classic. Follow our video recipe and see how easy it is to make them!

28 March 2022

Welcome back friends of Erre4m! Today, since we are approaching Easter, we are proposing the recipe for filled chocolate eggs.

So let's start by cleaning the molds on purpose. Next we are going to temper the white chocolate, then we will take a quantity as desired and melt 2/3 of it until we reach a temperature of 40-42°C. The remaining third will be added a little at a time inside the melted chocolate. I recommend, stir continuously until you reach the temperature of pre-crystallization of 28 ° C.

This process will be used to achieve the polka dots on polycarbonate molds.

The chocolate that will be left over we can keep it in tempering temperature in our meltinchoch della Martellato.

Then we will temper dark chocolate in the same way as white chocolate, following the melting temperature of 45-50°C and the pre-crystallization of 30°C.
With the dark chocolate just tempered we are going to create the shirt of our eggs, leaving them to crystallize for some minutes.

Once the crystallization of dark chocolate is obtained, we are going to make a second shirt with white chocolate, which we will have kept at temperature in the meltinchoch.


For the filling you will need
125 g of milk chocolate
100 g of toasted hazelnuts
30 g of chopped amaretti di saronno biscuits

Prepare the syrup by boiling 123 g of sugar together with 100 g of water. Once it has cooled down, sprinkle it lightly over the hazelnut grains, which we have previously scattered on baking paper. Let the mixture caramelize for 10 minutes at 150°C and let it cool down.

Temperate the milk chocolate and add the rest of the ingredients. Let's start with the caramelized hazelnuts, mixing carefully, and then the chopped amaretti di saronno.

Once everything has been absorbed by the chocolate, with the help of a teaspoon, we are going to insert the mixture inside the shirts of the eggs.


120 g of fresh cream
20 g of dextrose, or alternatively icing sugar
15 g of acacia honey
25 g of egg yolk
200 g of white chocolate

Bring the cream to the boil, then in a small bowl whisk the yolks together with the sugars. Once the cream has come to the boil (90°C) we will put it into the yolks and cook it in a microwave oven, or alternatively in a bain-marie, until it reaches 83/84°C. Then we filter the custard with a strainer directly on the white chocolate and mix with an immersion blender, avoiding to incorporate air. Then we transfer everything into a disposable bag, and let it cool down to 29°C.

We pour the ganache on the eggs and let it crystallize.
Finally, we level carefully and then we couple the half eggs together.

Well friends our recipe ends here, keep following us and .... until next time.