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The chibouste cream

the meeting between Italy and France

09 September 2022

Welcome back dear friends of Erre4M! In today's blog we are going to get to know the cream that unites Italy and France: Chibouste, named after the chef who invented it and who wanted to mix it with Italian meringue.

As usual, we start with the ingredients:


-250g whole milk

-45g egg yolk

-37g caster sugar

-25g cornflour

-3g gelatine sheets


For the Italian meringue we will need:


-30g water

-100g of caster sugar

-90g egg white at room temperature

To prepare the meringue, start by pouring the caster sugar and water into a small saucepan, simmering and stirring the mixture without sugaring the sides of the saucepan. In the meantime, we pour the egg white into another saucepan and, when the sugar has reached 113C°, start whipping it. When the egg white starts foaming and the sugar has reached the cooking temperature of 118C°, we start pouring the sugar in a trickle, carefully avoiding contact with the wires of the whisk and when the meringue has cooled down, we can stop whipping the mixture.


Having finished preparing the meringue, we move on to the cream.

We start by heating the milk to 80C°. In the meantime, we combine the sugar with the egg yolk, stirring immediately to prevent microgranules from forming. In the meantime, sift the cornflour and add it to the egg yolk and sugar.

When the milk has reached temperature, we pour the milk and cream together and put everything back on the heat to cook until 82C°. Remember to keep a moderate heat so that the cream does not stick to the bottom and consequently burn. Around 65C°/70C°, granules will begin to form which we will have to remove by stirring vigorously, as well as to make the cream more homogeneous.

Once the temperature of 82C° is reached, we put the gelatine softened in cold water and continue stirring. The last step is to combine the meringue and the cream and mix well.

And here is your Chibouste cream, the perfect mix of Italy and France in the comfort of your own home!

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