Buckets, containers and bin bag holders


Buckets, containers and bin bag holders

Plastic food containers, buckets with beak or with lid. Bin bag holders, available in different variants.             


Plastic bucket


Plastic buckets with handle, sizes available 12, 15, 18 and 21 liters

8,66 € VAT included
7,10 € Without VAT

Plastic bucket with lid


Bucket with lid, capacity 12 liters.

13,66 € VAT included
11,20 € Without VAT

Round vacuum food container

Round plastic vacuum container for food, diameter cm 22x22 (h.).

5,19 € VAT included
4,25 € Without VAT

Bin bag holder

Perforated refuse sack holder, diameter cm 55x82(h.), capacity 110 liters.

25,49 € VAT included
20,89 € Without VAT