Catering equipment


Gastronorm pans and accessories

Gastronorm pans made of stainless steel or polypropylene of all sizes, divider bars and perforated false bottoms.

Measuring jugs

Professional food plastic jugs with different characteristics ready to meet the most different needs. Each model available in different volumes.

Dollies for dough containers

Dollies for the transport of pizza dough containers size cm 60x40, available in polypropylene also in the perforated version or in stainless steel for maximum durability.

Tray trolleys and trolleys for rotor ovens with accessories

Tray trolleys or trolleys for rotor ovens in stainless steel AISI 304 or 430, all models available without shipping costs. And then again high temperature wheels and plastic cover for trolleys with zipper or disposable.

Pizza dough trays

Containers for pizza dough in polypropylene for food use. Dimensions cm 30x40 or 60x40, full or perforated. Boxes with lids, closure with stainless steel hooks, all sizes available.

Knives, kitchen scissors and accessories

Knives in many different models, bread lames, sturdy removable kitchen scissors and magnetic knife holders.

Buckets, containers and bin bag holders

Plastic food containers, buckets with beak or with lid. Bin bag holders, available in different variants.             

Oven gloves and pot holders

Wide selection of professional oven gloves, knob or three finger, made of leather, silicone or lined silicone. But you can find also leather pot holders resistant up to 300°C.

Food gloves and tongs for serving

A wide range of tongs to serve of PIAZZA company and the hygienic and very useful CLEAN HANDS® magnetic gloves to handle food produtcs with spare parts sold separately.

Pizza stone for oven

Incredible patented baking stone for cooking in the ventilated home oven like in a professional one.

Dishes for cutting-rounders

Spare plastic plates for cutting-rounder Fortuna machine. 

Scrapers and cleansing brushes

Plastic or stainless steel scrapers, available in various models depending on the need. Real horsehair cleaning brush to keep clean the workbench.

Dough dockers and croissant cutters

Food plastic dough dockers to make lozenges, strudels or pierce dough. Croissant cutters with single, double or triple stainless steel blades and a wide selection of cutting measures.

Flour scoops

Sturdy flour scoops with round of flat bottom made of plastic or aluminium. Each model available in various sizes.

Oven brushes and spare parts

Brass or natural bristle brushes, with swivel or fixed head with lengths ranging from cm 150 to 190. In addition, here you will find spare parts for all types of brushes.

Wooden pastry boards

Pastry boards with stops made of multilayer birch wood. Various sizes available.

Professional baking trays

Professional baking pans in aluminum , aluminized sheet , non-stick (teflon-coated) or raw . Oven pans are important tools for their daily use and for behavior in contact with heat. Our trays are handmade products, hand-welded and rectangular or square-shaped conangles, perforated or full in sizes 30x40, 40x40, 60x40 and 60x80 cm, suitable for professional or amateur uses in smaller versions.