Spiral dough mixer 10 Kg Sun 10 by Sunmix


Spiral dough mixer 10 Kg Sun 10 by Sunmix


Beautiful Sunmix dough mixer with 10 kg dough capacity, potentiometer and protection grid. Available in 6 different colors.


Professional spiral dough mixer with fixed head by Sunmix. Perfect for kneading pizza, bread, panettone, doves and leavened in general. Speed regulator (potentiometer) to choose the right speed for the dough you are kneading, protection grid that allows you to check the state of the dough and add water or ingredients during processing in the easiest and safest way possible.


Pre-lubricated ball bearing transmission with increased toothed belts, rapport bowl/spiral 1/7 of professional derivation. Bowl, spiral and protection in high-strength Stainless Steel 304 for maximum reliability even with continued use. Single-phase motor with standard inverter and potentiometer to adjust the speed. Painting with non-toxic epoxy powders for food and 6 colors available. Electrical system and safety devices according to EC rules.


Dough capacity:              from 0,5 to 10 Kg

Flour capacity:                7 Kg

Bowl volume:                  12 liters

Power:                             0.37 Kw

Volt:                                  230/50

Dimensions:                    30x51x45(h.) cm

Weight:                            35 kg


N.B.: Images Sun10 White, Orange, Red, Grey and Grey Anthracite for illustrative purposes of the possible color customization.

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