Spiral dough mixer 25 Kg Prismafood


Spiral dough mixer 25 Kg Prismafood


Professional dough mixer, 25 kg dough capacity, single-phase or three-phase, one or two speeds wheels and protection grid.

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N° Speed (only for 400 Volts)

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This fantastic spiral dough mixer with fixed head adapts to all types of dough, both professional and domestic. The particular shape of the spiral allows to obtain a pizza dough (or any other leavened product) perfectly mixed in few minutes.


Bowl, spiral, central column and protection grid in Stainless Steel. Silent running thanks to the gearbox system with gearmotor in oil bath. Protection grid to visually check the state of the dough and to add ingredients during processing in the easiest and safest way possible. Timer and wheels as standard. For this model you can choose between 230 or 400 Volt, one or two speeds in 400 Volt.


Dough capacity:        25 kg

Bowl capacity:           32 liters

Bowl diameter:          40 cm

Power:                        1,10 Kw 1 speed

                                    1,30 kw  2 speed

Volt:                             230 or 400

Dimensions:               42,4 x 73,5 x 81 (h.) cm

Weight:                        95 kg

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