Spiral dough mixer 17 kg professional


Spiral dough mixer 17 kg professional

Dough mixer, 17 kg dough capacity, 220 or 400 Volt, available in 16 different combinations to adapt perfectly to your needs. MADE IN ITALY.

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Potentiometer (only for 220 Volt)

N° of Speeds (only for 400 Volt)


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This professional spiral dough mixer has been designed and built for pizza, bread or leavened dough, usually made of flour, water, salt, sugar, fat and oil. It derives directly from the larger models of professional dough mixers used in pizzerias and bakeries.

This machine stands out for its unique rapport bowl/spiral in the market which allows kneading in the best and fastest way.


Chain movement of the spiral and the bowl, great structural solidity, fixed head and high reliability even for very frequent uses. Stainless steel bowl; central column for a quicker and uniform kneading without heating the dough. Protection with micron blocking and convenient push-button panel on the side of the machine with mushroom emergency stop button.

On this page you can compose your own dough mixer according to your needs by adding some options to the basic model:

VOLTAGE: you can choose between 220 or 400 Volt

WHEELS: you will have the possibility to move the machine easily from one place to another.

POTENTIOMETER: which allows you to set the desired speed for each type of dough or to increase the speed of the machine during the kneading turning the wheel of the potentiometer.

NUMBER OF SPEEDS: Only in the 400 Volt version is possible to have one or two speed motor.

PROTECTION: as standard you will have the full stainless steel one, but you can also choose stainless steel protection grid to better see the dough during processing and to add safely ingredients while the machine is operating.


Dough capacity:        17 kg

Flour capacity:           11 Kg

Bowl capacity:           22 liters

Bowl size:                   36,5x24,5(h.) cm

Power:                         0,75 Kw (220 and 400 Volt)

                                     0,75/0,55 Kw (400 Volt 2 Speeds)

Volt:                            230/50 or 400/50/3 poles

Dimensions:               66x38,5x63(h.) cm

Weight:                        69 kg

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