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Meat slicer vertical BERKEL FUTURA BUTCHER

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BERKEL professional vertical slicer FUTURA line BUTCHER model, designed to ensure reliability, efficiency and durability in fresh meat cutting.


Professional electric vertical slicer with a design characterized by rounded edges and soft and ergonomic shapes. Blade with 28 or 31,5 cm diameter made of third generation 100Cr6 German steel with an innovative profile to reduce friction with food and to have a perfect cut of fresh meat. Built-in removable sharpener made of anticordal (aluminum-magnesium alloy) with bronze bushings activated by a single lever both for sharpening and for deburring in order to facilitate the entire operation and increase the efficiency and durability of the blade.


The knob with progressive millimetre adjustment from 0-1,7 cm of the slice thickness, as well as the other handles, is characterized by the new ergonomic design created for those who use the meat slicer for many hours a day.


The product holder and the locking system allows you to cut to the last slice, ensuring a minimun amount of waste.


Easy cleaning thanks to the double meat table open on its sides and raisable for thorough cleaning (on version with 31,5 cm blade), the wide space between blade and motor and the removable aluminium slice deflector, complying with all hygiene and healthcare standards.


Belt transmission, IP67 stainless steel start/stop switch with high mechanical resistance IK10 certified.



                                          FUTURA BUTCHER 28                      FUTURA BUTCHER 31,5


Power:                                0,18 Kw                                               0,24 KW                                 

Electrical specifications:  230 V / 50 Hz                                      230 V / 50 Hz                        

Blade diameter:                 28 cm                                                  31,5 cm                                     

Cutting capacity:               21,3 cm (circular)                               24 cm (circular)                   

                                           25,3x17,8 cm (rectangular)               27x21 cm (rectangular)                  

Slice thickness:                 1,7 cm                                                 1,7 cm                              

Dimensions:                      63x56,5x57(h.) cm                             72,5x62x60(h.) cm           

Weight:                               34 Kg                                                   40 Kg