Cake stands

Cake stands are perfect solutions for serving cakes and pastries in an elegant and refined way, but not only: they are also perfect for presenting fruit compositions or various types of cheese. Cake stands are accessories with a slightly vintage taste: in Victorian times they were indispensable on the tables of noble families as they expressed class and elegance, and also helped to manage space on small tables during tea time. Even today this accessory retains its class and is often chosen for serving sweet dishes on special occasions, such as ceremonies or galas, or as a table centrepiece with flower and fruit arrangements. Cake stands are also perfect for managing space in a harmonious way: they allow you to display tidy display cases, but always full of sweets, or, richly laid tables, but without obstructing your guests during the aperitif or meal.

There are different types of cake stands: they can be single or multi-storey, or, they can differ in materials such as, for example, plexiglass, ceramic or aluminium.

How to choose the best cake stand?

Cake stands are very useful at the table because they help to manage space better and leave more room for guests during the meal, or, they are very useful in shops to display many varieties of food while maintaining a tidy shop window. To choose the right one, it is very important to pay attention to their size and the material they are made of:

  • Cardboard risers are certainly the most convenient because they are easy to dismantle and transport. They are usually used to present light products such as biscuits or cupcakes because they cannot support too much weight and tend to be easily damaged. 
  • Aluminium or steel cake stands are very durable and are particularly suitable for frequent use: they are often chosen by cake shops or caterers and event organisers because of their robustness. This type of cake stand is also very easy to clean: there is no risk of contamination between the food already served and the food to be served.  
  • Coloured or transparent plexiglass cake stands are a good compromise between glass and aluminium stands. Plexiglass is a strong and light material, and at first glance it may look like glass, which also makes it very elegant. Plexiglass is not as professional as aluminium because it is more porous and does not guarantee the same reliability in cleaning and sterilisation as aluminium.

There are other types of cake stands, such as wooden or ceramic, but they are less common because they require special care especially for cleaning. In addition to materials, an important feature to consider is the size:

  • Bottom-mounted risers have a single top and usually these models are equipped with a bell or lid to protect the food.
  • Multi-top risers have a wide base so as to provide stability for the food: the tops can be the same size or narrow upward.


Cake risers are a must for cake designers: from shabby chic to more modern lines, this accessory gives an extra touch of personality to all confectionery creations. Once you have chosen the right size and the right material for your needs, it remains to decide on the shape: there are different kinds, from more classic ones suitable for ceremonies, to more playful ones suitable for informal occasions. The revolving riser is another great ally in pastry making: electric or manual, with this accessory you can decorate your cakes easily and precisely. The electric rotating riser has a small motor that allows the plate to turn more or less quickly, depending on the type of decoration you want to create.



We have already mentioned the variety of uses of the tea stand, as well as its importance on the table in noble families as early as the last century. An interesting fact about this accessory is that it was invented precisely by the English for tea time: it was a way to save space on the small tables without giving up the many varieties of cookies to be dipped into the cups containing the different boiling infusions. Tea time was the gathering time especially of noblewomen, and on this occasion the hostess had to show off all her wealth by offering many types of sweets, from crispy cookies to fluffy cakes: the tea risers were an excellent solution for not cluttering the table too much and not giving up even a cookie.

An accessory for a thousand occasions

Cake risers are perfect for a thousand occasions: whether in small bakeries, to color the display cases with delicious treats and exquisite cakes, or to decorate the table when receiving important guests. Great for both desserts and tasty savory snacks, the risers will keep the table tidy and leave the space you need to move around. For more information, we are happy to help you choose the best product for you!

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