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Fluffy cakes, fresh tarts or succulent strudels can never be missed at the end of any lunch or dinner, especially on special occasions.

With our cake pans you can please all guests, even the most discerning palates.

You can find different shapes and sizes of cake pans on the market, which are typically made of aluminum and heat-resistant, designed to give a specific shape and size to the finished cake. They can be used to create different types of cakes, such as layer cakes, brownies, and pound cakes. Some cake pans have a nonstick surface to make it easier to remove the cake from the pan after baking, a removable bottom, and a latch on the side that allows the cake to be easily removed from the pan.


The cake pans come in so many shapes and sizes, which is why they fit the needs of any experienced pastry chef or cake enthusiast.

The main features to evaluate before buying a cake pan are:

  • Heat Resistance. Heat resistance is an indispensable feature for a cake pan since it must withstand high temperatures and for extended periods of time.
  • Shape and size. Depending on the type of cake and the number of guests you will be able to choose the size and shape of the cake pan: the choice varies from the classic tart mold to cake pans with removable bottoms and sides.
  • The type of material. Cake pans can be made of aluminum, silicone, glass, ceramic or terracotta: those made of aluminum are definitely among the most versatile and resistant.

The perfect cake pan distributes heat evenly, prevents the cake from sticking and allows it to rise properly when needed. The size of the cake pan is also important, as using the wrong size cake pan can ruin even the best recipe. Bottomed cake pans wide are used to make it easier to remove the cake from the pan after baking, while spring-shaped pans are ideal for cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, and any layered dish that cannot be easily unmolded. The most commonly used material for baking pans is aluminum: it is cheap, durable and easy to use, as well as being very hygienic and easy to clean.

The aluminum cake pansallow effective regulation of the temperatureat the various stages of baking the cake: the distribution of heat is uniform both on the bottom and on the walls, reducing the risk of overheating and burning. This detail is also very important from an energy-saving point of view, since it will affect the timing and mode of baking.



Every pie has its own shape, and the pie crust usually features its crispy festooned edge. The tart cake pan is created specifically for this type of cake: it is usually nonstick, the bottom of this mold can be fixed or removable, and it has a variable diameter depending on the size you want to give the cake. The cake pan with removable bottom is very useful for removing the cake from the mold without having to turn it upside down: this type of mold is perfect for tarts with fruit toppings on top, since turning it over risks ruining or breaking the cake. For tarts, or for cakes that involve filling, there is the smart mold:the shape is similar to the tart mold, but the difference is in the bottom of this mold because it has a "step" that creates a hollow on the surface suitable for accommodating any type of filling and topping. You can also create the cunning mold at home: just take a classic tart mold and put inside it a flat plate with the hollow part facing up, line it with baking paper and you're done. With this trick you will be able to create lots of different kinds of tart with just one type of tart pan.



The main difference between a springform pan and a regular pan is that the springform pan has a removable bottom and sides held together by an interlocking strip that can be opened and removed, whereas a regular pan does not. Using springform pans makes it easier to remove delicate dishes such as cheesecakes or cakes with loose toppings from the pan.

A normal cake pan, on the other hand, does not have a removable bottom and sides and is designed to give a specific shape and size to the finished cake. Regular cake pans can be used to create different types of cakes that can be tipped over without being damaged.

Let your imagination run wild! Choose the perfect molds and cake pans to create delicious cakes suitable for any occasion.If you have any questions or concerns, we at Erre4M are here to help you find the perfect shape to surprise your guests or clients.

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