Delivery bags and savers for take-away pizza

Pizza is the soul of Italy: to be eaten while watching a soccer game or during an evening with friends, it is one of the Italian dishes par excellence. The mission of every pizzeria must therefore be to respect the magic of this dish in every aspect and, in the case of home delivery, deliver it as if it had just come out of the oven. To ensure the preservation of the product's temperature during transport, the help of a professional pizza cooler bag is indispensable.There are different sizes and types on the market, but in order to choose the right one, some basic elements must be taken into consideration.

Some features to evaluate before buying the cooler bag are:

  • Size. Its size must be suitable for the size of pizza cartons;
  • Coating.The inner coating must be insulating, so as to keep food warm, and the outer one must be waterproof;
  • Closure.The closure must be convenient and secure so that it does not make the delivery person waste too much time;
  • Commodity.The bag must be easy to carry, light to practical in all conditions of use

The size and capacity of the cooler

The first things to consider when choosing a pizza cooler bag are its size and capacity, because the amount of pizzas the delivery person will be able to carry in one trip depends on these two characteristics. Pizza cooler bags can hold from 3 to 10 pizzas: usually the capacity of the bag is chosen according to the demand you have at the pizzeria. It is important to check that the pizza bags have an insulating inner lining that covers all the walls well so that the hot temperature is maintained for a very long time, even in cold outside temperatures. The inner lining is a detail that should not be overlooked especially in large bags because you can run the risk of having the pizzas in the center hot and the outer ones cold.

Handles and carrying of pizza bags

Pizza bags must be practical to handle so as to ensure quick transportation and a still steaming pizza for the customer who ordered it. There are mainly two types of thermal bags: with handles or with shoulder straps. The former are perfect for those who transport pizzas by car and therefore need a compact and easy-to-handle bag, while the latter are great for all those who move around on bicycles or mopeds.

The pizza bags with handles should have rubber-coated handles so as to ensure a firm grip and prevent the bag from falling over and damaging the pizzas inside. Pizza bags with shoulder straps, on the other hand, must have linings on the shoulders so that the weight of the bag's contents does not weigh down on the delivery person's shoulders. The closing zippers must be secure and sturdy to prevent them from collapsing and dispersing the contents during transport.

Handles and carrying of pizza bags

Maintenance and care

This type of product is always in contact with food and therefore must be scrupulously and consistently cleaned to avoid contamination. When transporting pizzas and other foods, it is easy for some pieces of food to remain inside the bag.If the inner lining is not porous, it will be easy to carry out a deep and thorough cleaning without detergents being absorbed by the fabrics and then coming into contact with the food.

Some tips for cleaning pizza cooler bags:

  • Use a sponge and mild soap to clean the inside and outside of the bag;
  • Wipe all parts with a clean cloth so that any residue is also removed;
  • Finally use vinegar, a great natural sanitizer as well as fighting odors.

Today the market offers a wide choice of thermal pizza bags, but not all of them are reliable. Choose a bag that is comfortable and has a sturdy closure, but above all is easy to clean.Nowadays, intolerances and allergies are becoming more and more common, and hygiene is very important, especially when it comes to food containers. Our thermal bags are made of reliable and durable materials. They are equipped with side holes to avoid creating moisture and condensation inside the bag so as to ensure better food storage and less bacterial growth. If you have any further questions, we are happy to help you find the right product for you and your pizzeria!

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