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In the world of the food industry,crate carts are a key element in the handling and storage of products. These tools, designed to efficiently transport totes and containers, offer numerous advantages that make them an indispensable ally for any business. Thefood crate carts are able to optimize space and move multiple goods at once, thus increasing the efficiency of handling and storage operations.

Do you want to know what features and benefits thecrate carts could bring to your business? Read on to find out!



Thefood box carts must comply with several regulations to ensure the safety and hygiene of the food products they carry.

  • Thematerials used to make the carts must be suitable for contact with food. For example, carts can be made of stainless steel or ABS, two materials known for their strength and ease of cleaning. In addition, some carts can be protected by food-safe PVC sheeting, which allows goods to be transported in compliance with sanitary regulations.
  • Thefood crate carts must be easily washable andsanitizable, to ensure maximum hygiene and prevent contamination of food products.

  • Trolleysshould be designed to ensure maximumstability while transporting goods, to prevent possible accidents or damage to products. Somecrate trolleys are equipped with handles to facilitate handling; other models, when they are not to be used, can be wedged together to save space.

The specific technical features of the box trolleys vary depending on the model and intended use. For example, some carts have pull-out shelves, while others have a design that allows the base and drawer to be easily opened, turning the cart into a workstation. Somecrate trolleys also have a safety system that prevents multiple drawers from being opened simultaneously, thus preventing the trolley from tipping over due to weight.


Crate carts offer several advantages that facilitate the handling and storage of food products:

  • Efficiency. Thecrate carts are designed to efficiently transport totes and containers. This maximizes space and allows multiple goods to be handled at once, thereby increasing the efficiency of handling and storage operations. Some models can also be stacked when not in use, saving space.
  • Manageability. With their 4 swivel rubber wheels, thefood crate carts are very maneuverable and can be easily maneuvered even in tight spaces-ideal for warehouses, stores or other places where space may be limited. They can also be equipped with handles to facilitate handling.
  • Safety. The use ofbox trolleys can help reduce the risk of workplace injuries related to manual handling of heavy goods. In fact, lifting and carrying excessive weights can cause musculoskeletal injuries, while the use of a box cart can help prevent such problems.
  • Economic Savings. The use of cassette trolleys can lead to significant economic savings. In fact, increased efficiency and reduced time required for handling and storing goods can lead to reduced operating costs. In addition, the prevention of workplace accidents can lead to a reduction in costs associated with sick leave and injury benefits.

In conclusion,box trolleys are versatile and functional tools that facilitate the handling and organization of containers and boxes. Choosing the right model depends on your specific usage needs, the size of the containers to be transported, and the characteristics of the location where the cart will be used.If you have any doubts about the right cart for your business, contact us! We are available to guide you in choosing thecrate cart best for your business.

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