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The sac à poche is one of the most widely used tools in cooking and pastry making for filling, decorating and garnishing cakes and desserts, as well as for making cookies, meringues or savory croquettes. You can find professional sac à poche with nozzles of various shapes and sizes to create ever-changing decorations and compositions.

The origins of the sac à poche date back to the 18th century, when it was invented by French pastry chefs. Initially it consisted of a simple cotton cloth bag closed on one side and with a hole on the other to let out the sweet pastry dough. The name "sac à poche" comes from a false Frenchism: sac (envelope) and poche (pocket). The translation in Italian would be "pocket envelope" but it is commonly called pastry bag, just as in English pastry bag, while in French i is called poche a douille.



The sac à poche consists of two elements, the pouch and the spout. It can be disposable, thus made of paper, or reusable if made of washable materials such as cotton, plastic, or nylon. The disposable sac à poche is more hygienic and is very useful when you have to decorate dishes with colored creams: food coloring is very difficult to wash and, by using disposable bags, you will not run the risk of affecting the color inside the bag. The reusable sac à poche is very useful if it has to be used often: in this video we explain the differences and characteristics of the various materials of reusable sac à poche, if you should have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


It is preferable to use steel or aluminum spouts because the tips can be bent, or opened, to adjust the size and shape of the decoration. The spout sits in the narrowest part of the bag and can come in different sizes and shapes, e.g., star, flower, teardrop, spiral, etc. The different spout shapes will allow you to create unique and original dishes, both sweet and savory.To get started, we recommend that you buy a pastry spout kit: inside you will find spouts with main holes and a few spouts with special shapes.

For making very precise lettering or designs the best hole is the narrow round one, while for filling cakes and cream puffs opt for a very wide hole. To make meringues or croquettes, there are very large star-shaped spouts: simply by varying the angle and pressure on the sac à pocheyou can obtain very different shapes.The flower-shaped spout is perfect for creating compositionson cakes or tarts, but there are also leaf or petal-shaped spouts to make the creation even richer and more complete. To recreate the effect of certain materials, such as basket weaving or thick fabrics, there are wave spouts.

Whichever nozzle you choose, be very careful when attaching it to the sac à poche: the success of your work will depend on it. The nozzle should be inserted inside the sac à poche with the tip facing the pocket tip; check that it is firmly in place and that it does not move to get precise work. The decorations depend on the type of movement you will make: if you have to create geometric patterns try to make quick movements to get more precise decorations, on the other hand, if you have to create floral patterns you can opt for a circular movement to recreate the effect of petals. The sac à poche is a useful and at the same time romantic tool: it will create the decorations following your movement becoming the extension of your hands to create dishes that are always unique and different from each other.

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