Rack for pizza peels

The Pizza paddle holders allow pizza makers to neatly store the different paddles used during baking and allow them to optimize space by reducing the clutter that would be created by keeping the paddles leaning against the wall or the walls of the oven.

There are various types of pizza paddle holders, wall-mounted or vertical, single or multi-place, made of wood or steel: each pizza maker, or baker, will be able to find the product that best meets his or her needs.



The wall-mounted shovel supports are solutions especially suitable for small kitchens since they take up very little space. These supports can be made of stainless steel or wood and are usually composed of two elements: the upper part is crescent-shaped, with folds on the sides in which the shovel is inserted; the second element is the lower part that acts as a support to prevent the shovel from coming into contact with the floor. Finally, the shovel support has two holes in the horizontal part so as to hold the tools in place and prevent them from falling to the floor.


We can also find hook-shaped wall paddle holders on the market. The hook-shaped shovel supports are easy to use, take up little space, and fit well in any type of kitchen. This type of support consists of a flat steel base and a stainless tubular hook attached to the base with two metal rivets.All of these components are resistant to heat and high temperatures-a very important feature since they are often placed near ovens for convenience. The cylindrical shape of the hook prevents the shovel handle from creeping during use, a very useful feature especially during hectic services and during which one does not have time to store tools neatly. The hook shovel holder rests the shovel on the ground, which is why it is usually combined with a shovel rest, which can be made of wood or metal, so as not to ruin the shovel.

Wall-mounted shovel holders can be single- or multi-place. The multi-seat holders have "U-shaped" hooks that slope slightly upward and have a small fold that prevents the shovels from sliding off the holder. These small hooks can support even very heavy blades because they are attached to the horizontal bar with two stainless steel rivets.


There are different types of floor paddle stands. Vertical paddle supports are perfect solutions for pizzerias with smaller dimensions since they are developed in height and can hold up to 4 paddles. This type of support usually is made of stainless steel so as to ensure longevity, heat resistance and easy cleaning of the support.

Some vertical blade supportsare constructed of a single stainless steel tubing firmly screwed to a base, which can be steel or marble, to make the structure stable and elegant-this type of support is suitable for smaller sized blades. At the top of the stand is a crescent-shaped support with one or more grooves, depending on the number of blades it can support. In the middle part is a crescent with tabs that helps the blades stay in place and not fall off.

The vertical supports for large shovels can be double-tubular or with a single base with tubulars parallel to the horizontal base. Vertical supports with tubulars parallel to the base allow shovels with a diameter of up to 36cm to be stored inside them: they consist of a solid base with a 45° inclined foot, so as to increase their stability in case very large shovels are stored, such as those with a length of 2mt. This type of shovel support is composed of 4 rollers, 2 upper and 2 lower ones: the rollers serve to keep the pizza shovels, even the heaviest ones, stable without them getting damaged, they also facilitate the movement during service.

Now all you have to do is to choose the right shovel support for your oven: if you have any doubts or clarifications, we are at your disposal, we will help you choose the perfect shovel support for your kitchen!

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