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Silicone moulds for cakes

I vantaggi degli stampi in silicone per dolci

But what are the advantages of silicone moulds? All our moulds ensure, first of all, resistance and anti-adherence, together with the number one advantage of these moulds, that is flexibility. But that's not all. The silicone moulds for cakes are not only unbreakable and light but they can also withstand the most extreme temperatures: from -60°C to +260°C. They are therefore ideal for baking in a home oven or even cooking in the microwave. As regards the more intensive use that can be made of them in a professional pastry shop, they ensure practicality in taking them out of the oven and our silicone moulds can, if necessary, also withstand being placed in the blast chiller after cooking.

Finally, silicone moulds for cakes are excellent heat conductors and help to make preparations better by cooking cakes evenly.

In addition to the more traditional moulds, in the Erre4M catalogue you will also find moulds for single-portion cakes that allow you to play with the shapes; in the catalogue we have ball moulds, rectangular, oval and many others.

On the occasion of Easter we have also included in our catalogue two dedicated silicone moulds: the silicone dove mould and the silicone Easter lamb mould.

I vantaggi degli stampi in silicone per dolci
Come si usano gli stampi in silicone per dolci

Come si usano gli stampi in silicone per dolci

Only one doubt will remain for those who have never tried to use this kind of moulds and that is: how do you use silicone moulds for cakes?

First of all, they have the advantage of not needing additional fat to ensure the outflow after cooking! This is certainly a great advantage for those who have a business and must produce large quantities, in fact it ensures a good yield of the cake without wasting money and time to prepare the moulds to receive the dough.

But then the silicone moulds must be buttered? The answer, as you have surely understood, is no.

The moulds are ready to use and also super practical to handle and easy to clean, they can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher, even with hot water.

The advantages compared to the classic moulds are therefore numerous and whether the use of the mould is intensive or not they are definitely worth the purchase price.

Come si usano gli stampi in silicone per dolci
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