Tray trolleys and trolleys for rotor ovens with accessories

The tray trolley is a very useful tool: it can be used to optimize space, such as in canteens and self-services, or to carry many trays during catering and food services. It is also indispensable in all large bakeries and pastry shops that need to rise many doughs and bake them together as it allows large quantities of products to be prepared in very little time.

Features and materials

Features and materials

Professional pans trolleys must be made of high-quality materials since they are often in contact with food and must support a lot of weight. The structure of the trolleys is generally made of stainless steel, a material that is particularly suitable for contact with food because of its high resistance to acids and salts. The carts can be made of AISI 304 steel, a type of austenitic steel that resists corrosionperfectly and iseasy to clean, or of AISI 430 steel, a ferritic steel that is very durable, but not suitable for damp places such as leavening cells because over the years it may develop small rust spots.

The wheels of the trolley should be large and directional so as to make it easy to move the trolley and avoid the risk of tipping it over while being maneuvered between rooms. The wheels of these carts are usually made of hard, durable plastics that do not slip on floor tiles.

Features and materials

Types of trolleys

In order to choose the right trolley for your business, certain elements must be considered, such as the size, number and type of trays it will need to carry. Tray carts generally differ by type:

  • Open-sided.These models are open on both sides and are perfect for small premises because they allow use on both sides and do not have to be constantly turned.
  • With side panels.This type of cart is enclosed on the sides by steel panels, rarely wooden, and are very useful in canteens and self-service establishments because they prevent the contents of the tray from falling or being visible by customers in the room.
  • With racks.These trolleys are equipped with pegs and are mainly chosen by bakeries because they allow the storage of round trays, such as cake bases, or very long ones.
  • Rotor.These trolleys are widely used for making leavened goods, such as panettone or doves, because they turn on themselves horizontally, allowing the doughs to be baked evenly.
Types of trolleys

Rotor pan carts

The rotor trolleys are equipped with a hook that allows the structure to rotate horizontally on itself.

This type of trolley is often chosen by bakeries and pastry shops because they allow leavened doughs to bake evenly without compromising leavening. This type of trolley is equipped with a locking system so that the structure is safe and stable, both when moving and when baking the products.

In the market, pans suitable for this type of trolley can be found since they allow the products to be locked and fixed at the right height without compromising their leavening: in this way, when turning the structure, there is no risk of the doughs falling. The sizes to be used on rotor oven trolleys have small holes through which a metal rod is passed that will secure the base of the leavened products: this method is often used to bake soft products such as panettone or Easter doves.

Quality Made in Italy

In our catalog you can find several models of pans trolleys, all custom-made by craftsmen and mounted on directional wheels made of Teflon, a material that resists high temperatures. The structure of our trolleys is made of aisi 430 stainless steel tubing and is fitted with precisely and meticulously welded "L" guides: the guides allow the trays to be inserted and removed from both sides. The horizontal supports are equipped with double pan retainer folds to prevent the trays from slipping when moving the trolleys. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us: we will guide you in choosing the perfect tray trolley for your needs!

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