Under cake boards and cake boxes

A well-packaged cake is always a welcome gift: whether it's a cake to take to a dinner party with friends or a tray of pastries for Sunday lunch, cake stands and cake underlays are essential items for presenting your cakes elegantly and protecting them during transport.

The under cake, or cake boards, are rigid stands that are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially among cake design enthusiasts, to professionally support and present cakes.They are generally made of cardboard and can come in different sizes and shapes, such as round, square or rectangular. Cake underlays are perfect for supporting cakes api-planes-this way your creations will not warp or break due to the weight between planes.


  • Material.They are usually made of cardboard, but can also be found in aluminum or paper. It is important that the surface in contact with the cake is covered with a smooth film that makes it waterproof and therefore hygienic.In case the cardboard base does not have the film, the cardboard surface can be covered with foil or baking paper to ensure its hygiene and food safety.
  • Shapes. They can be found under cake in many shapes and sizes, for example square, rectangular or the classic round ones. They can vary in size, depending on the type of cake they will need to support: there are discs with a very small diameter for cupcakes or donuts, or very large wedding cakes or special compositions.
  • Thickness.Thickness can vary, but generally it is around 3-4mm. We can also find under cakes with much higher thicknesses, but usually these are chosen for special compositions or particularly heavy cakes.
  • Versatility.They can also be used as displays to present and serve cakes, cupcakes and tarts in an elegant way.

In complex creations or multi-tiered cakes, cake designers and pastry enthusiasts coat the undercrust with sugar paste so as to hide the cardboard base and make the cake more homogeneous and elegant. Here's how to do it:

  1. Let's form a cylinder with the sugarpaste and place it on the tray: it doesn't need to be the exact size or put glue or jellies on our cardboard base.
  2. With a rolling pin, we roll out the sugarpaste until the two ends of the cylinder touch: we try to get an even thickness.
  3. We smooth the surface and test it with the cake mold: all spaces should be covered, any excess or spaces should be trimmed.
  4. We trim the sugar paste: the border can be finished with a small colored ribbon, we recommend applying it to match the predominant colors of the cake or our cake, or with other types of decorations.


Based on the shape and size of the under cake we are also going to choose the cake carrier. The cake holder is a package used to transport cakes and treats without spoiling their shape and decorations. They can come in different sizes and dimensions: usually cake holders with handles are chosen to make them more manageable and square since these can hold a variety of shapes.

The cake holders have several features that make them ideal for transporting and storing cakes, for example:

  • High lid.Plastic models have a high lid that locks securely at the base, while cardboard models have a lock on the handle.Both types provide ample space for tall cakes and prevent them from being damaged during transport.
  • Convenient handle.A cake stand usually has a convenient handle that can be gripped firmly to ensure safe transport.
  • Safety latches.Plastic models have sliding safety latches that prevent the cake from moving while grasping the top handle and tilting the container, also ensuring that the cake remains in the correct position during transport. Cardboard cake racks, on the other hand, have one or more cardboard strips that function in the same way: they protect and secure the cake during transport.
  • Tape grommets. Some types of cake holders come with eyelets for decorative ribbons, which are especially good if you need to give a gift or celebrate an event, such as graduation or baptism.
  • Multiple sections. Some cake holders have multiple sections, allowing you to store and transport multiple cupcakes or cupcakes at once.

The pie holders, whether made of cardboard or plastic, manage to store cakes for several days either in the refrigerator or in the pantry. These accessories are very useful in the kitchen to give free rein to the imagination and serve even the simplest cakes in an elegant and sophisticated way.

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