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Clean Hands portable magnetic food gloves

Clean Hands magnetic food gloves device prevent cross contamination between food and money. This new version of this device allows you to save room on your counter or to wear it.

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A practical and fast way to intake and take off a glove avoiding your hands touching foodstuffs.

The glove can be easily replaced. It is provided with a magnetized wrislet, allowing it to be used with only one hand.

This new version of the magnetic glove is ideal for those with limited space in the store. In fact the Plexiglass base, smaller than the classic version, can be firmly attached with a convenient adhesive strip on the bottom, to the vertical parts of the counter. Alternatively the device can be hooked to the operator's belt thanks to its innovative "U" shape and be always available.


  • One magnetic device made of Plexiglas
  • One magnetic wristlet
  • 4 Gloves