Cookie cutter

The coppapasta is a very versatile kitchen tool: it can be used to cut puff pastry into special shapes, as a mold to create small, tasty parfaits, or to create elegant culinary compositions with simple foods, such as pasta. There are many shapes of pastry cutters, for example, square, round, heart or flower: you can give free rein to your imagination and create lots of different dishes for every occasion.

The coppapasta is very useful in both professional and home kitchens: every dish that will come out of your kitchen will always be elegant and sophisticated.


The pastry cutters are especially used to cut puff pastry into different shapes, resulting in cookies and pastries that are always different from each other. These kitchen accessories can come in many shapes and sizes, and are often made of polyester or stainless steel-two very durable materials designed to withstand the high temperatures of ovens. In professional settings, such as restaurants or pastry shops, it is recommended to choose a stainless steel cookware because it is very durable and easy to clean: this material is very safe because it does not react in contact with food and does not alter the flavor of food. Moreover, stainless steel is very hygienic and safe in the kitchen: since it is not porous, it is very easy to clean and thus avoid the risk of contamination with ingredients that may contain allergens.

Using the pastry cutter has several advantages in the kitchen, for example:

  1. Precise Portions.It allows you to create portions of precise and always the same size, and this will also give you more control over the quantities of food to be served.
  2. Creativity.It offers the possibility of giving different shapes to dishes in a creative and original way according to the type of occasion.
  3. Polifunctionality.It can be used to cut fresh dough,create cookies, cakes, pies, hamburgers and many other preparations.
  4. Ease of use.It is a simple and easy-to-use tool that requires no special culinary skills.
  5. Elegant presentation.It allows even the simplest and most common dishes to be presented in an elegant and professional manner.


Placing food well is becoming more and more important in recent years, and thanks to this new trend the pasta cutter has begun to be an increasingly popular accessory in the kitchen. You can plate all kinds of food with this accessory: you can create tasty combinations and elegant creations thanks to the layering of elements and the right portion of food placed inside this small mold.

Let's assume that we have to plate spaghetti with meat sauce: we put the spaghetti inside the pasta cup to define the serving size, then with a fork we start to roll them so as to give them a nest shape, put some sauce in the center and the dish is ready. Using the coppapasta to plate, whether pasta or main courses, allows the dishes to stay hot in the center at all times, leaving time for waiters or hosts to serve the dish to all guests or customers.

The coppapasta is super easy to use to creatively plate even main courses, such as tartare, or to cook foods with special shapes. For example, for Valentine's Day we could create heart-shaped pancakes or fritters: just beat the eggs with the ingredients we prefer and cook them directly in the pan inside the cupcake pan. Of course, this technique also applies to other occasions and holidays, for example Christmas, Halloween or Epiphany, just choose the right shape.


The pastry cuttercan be very useful, not to say indispensable, in the creation of small semi-cold desserts such as mini-cheesecakes or small tiramisu: just layer the ingredients inside the mold and refrigerate overnight. When we remove the pastry cup, the cake will have solidified while maintaining the shape of the mold.

The coppapasta can also be used for creating small baked desserts, such as the classic apple pie or chocolate tenerina: simply create the dough and then gently pour it into the pastry cups previously laid on a nonstick baking sheet or lined with baking paper. To finish, we bake the molds in the oven and our small cakes will be ready in no time.

The coppapasta is useful for so many purposes in the kitchen: the more shapes you have available, the more you can play with special and tasty culinary creations and your dishes will always be fun, elegant and refined.

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