Pizza cutter

Pizza cutter wheels are kitchen tools used to cut pizza precisely. They have a circular shape and a very sharp blade: they are designed to facilitate the cutting of thick crusts and sticky toppings, ensuring a clean and precise cut without breaking or dragging the topping as a kitchen knife would. Pizza cutter wheels are available in various sizes and designs, and some come with a blade guard so they can be stored safely in drawers.

There are other types of pizza cutting tools on the market, for example: pizza cutter knives, specially designed to cut pizza precisely, half-moons, pizza cutter scissors and pizza cutters to cut even the thickest crusts. All these accessories are very useful for professional pizza makers or for those approaching the art of pizza making for the first time: they will enable you to serve pizza and focaccia cut to perfection.


A good pizza cutter must have several features to ensure a good result and a good cut on all levels of crispness:

  1. A sharp blade. A sharp blade is essential for cutting all types of pizza crusts, including thick and sticky ones.
  2. High-quality materials. A pizza cutter made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel, guarantees high performance and long life.
  3. Comfortable handle. A comfortable handle is important to ensure a good grip on the tool and easier control, even when cutting the hardest crusts.
  4. Non-slip grip. A non-slip grip is important to ensure that the pizza cutter does not slip out of your hand during use, and thus avoid cutting yourself.Easy to clean. A pizza cutter must be easy to clean and have no hard-to-reach areas, as these can trap food particles.
  5. Versatility. A versatile pizza cutter can be used to cut other foods, such as sandwiches, buns and more.
  6. Durable. A durable, good quality pizza cutter will last a long time, even with frequent use.
  7. Safety. A safe pizza cutter should have a blade guard or protective cover to prevent accidental cuts when not in use.

This kitchen tool is as simple as it is useful. It can be used for a variety of foods, from the softest so as not to spoil and crush them when cutting to the hardest so as not to risk breaking them.


The pizza cutter has a long, rounded blade that allows it to roll easily over the pizza without ruining it; it is also sharper than a knife which makes it easier to cut thick crusts and sticky toppings. A knife, on the other hand, requires more effort and can drag toppings across the pizza-the result is a messier, less precise cut. Finally, pizza cutters are easier to clean than a knife because they do not have hard-to-reach areas that can trap food particles.

Using a pizza cutting wheel has its pros:

  1. It is specifically designed for cutting pizza.It is a tool designed specifically for cutting pizza, which makes it easier and more efficient to use.
  2. Sharp blade.It has a sharp blade that can easily cut through thick crusts and sticky toppings.
  3. Precise cuts.It can make precise cuts for accurate slices that look good, as well as taste good to eat.
  4. Easy to clean.It is generally easy to clean because it does not have hard-to-reach areas that can trap food particles.

The cons of using a cutting wheel is lack of versatility. Compared to a knife, the wheel can be used mainly for cutting pizzas, it can be difficult to cut buns and other bakery products.

The advantages of using a knife to cut pizza are:

  1. Convenience.We all have a knife in the house
  2. Versatility.A knife can be used for a variety of tasks, making it a versatile tool in the kitchen.

The cons of using a knife to cut pizza are as follows:

  1. It requires more effort.Cutting thick crusts and sticky toppings with a knife requires more effort than using a pizza cutter wheel.
  2. Can drag toppings. A knife can drag toppings onto pizza, causing a messier cut or broken pizza slices.
  3. Hard to clean.The knife may have hard-to-clean areas that make it less hygienic than the wheel.


The pizza-cutting scissors are a type of kitchen tool used for cutting pizza: they are designed to cut both the crust and the center of the pizza with minimal effort. Unlike traditional scissors, which can drag in toppings with the blade as well as being unhygienic since they come in contact with different types of objects, pizza-cutting scissors have a cleaner cut and are very hygienic. Some scissors come with a spatula attached to the blades that allows for easy lifting and serving of pizza slices. Pizza cutter scissors are a relatively recent invention and are not as popular as traditional pizza cutters, however they can be a useful tool for those who prefer a cleaner and easier way to cut pizza.


Many alternatives for cutting pizza professionally can be found on the market. Pizza is a very tasty, very colorful food that makes every moment special.

Preparing it takes time and care, consequently it deserves to be cut precisely without spoiling its toppings. With the pizza cutter wheel, your guests will no longer fight to get the prettiest slice!

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